The mystery hard drive with £5.1 million on it?

The mystery hard drive with £5.1 million on it?

So how many people have thought about going to Newport and playing “Rubbish Time Team” to find the mystery hard drive with £5.1 million on it?

Buried somewhere in this map (roughly 4-5ft under loads of rubbish) is a computer hard drive with 7,500 bit coins on it, worth roughly £5,181,000

This is a lesson that you should ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS/PHONE etc as one day you might hate yourself!

We have 2 local back ups, 2 separate back ups stored externally and then 1 in the ‘cloud’. You should ensure you have at least 2 backups of all your important files.

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Dropbox >

No idea what we’re talking about? Google ‘Newport Bitcoin’

Don’t make the same mistake this IT ‘expert’ made wink emoticon Poor poor man

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