Are you sick of Spam texts? – How to avoid them

Are you sick of Spam texts? – How to avoid them

► Are you sick of Spam texts?

Forward any spam texts on to:
7726 (most networks)
Or 87726 for Vodafone customers.
Or 37726 for Three customers
Save that number into your phone as a contact NOW!

Whilst this technique doesn’t block them, in the long term it will make it more difficult for companies to do it because more complaints = higher expenses = “lets stop the spam texts they don’t work anymore”.

How do I block repeat texts?

Android > Depends on the device but normally – Open the contact’s page > Tap the Menu button > Select Add to Reject List.

What about phone calls?

For spam phone calls report on & with Ofcom

Works for UK companies but most spam calls are from outside of the EU these days unfortunately so the ‘best’ technique is to simply say [in your polite phone voice]: “Thank you but I will not buy anything from you or any of your companies now or in the future, please can you remove me from your database”.

Remember there is generally a real person at the other end of the phone, that person is probably regretting their job decision but they deserve to be spoken to nicely + if you’re rude they’re more likely to add you back on the system or to simply not remove you at all. #AlwaysThinkLongterm

How do I avoid them?

Don’t give your phone number out to any website you don’t trust.

We have several phone numbers main mobile numbers for real people, alias/competition/secondary phone numbers for orders from untrusted websites or competitions etc & fake number for freebies, possible scams etc, this number is a number that would never be a phone number 077100000000.

The 077009 prefix is reserved for dramatic purposes (e.g. for use in TV, film etc) and will never dial through to anybody so just add 5 random digits after and your guaranteed to not be giving out anyone else’s number; it will also pass basic validation checks.
077009XXXXX – Read our original post about this

Use alias details and learn about ways scammers scam people.

Also learn about the ‘can I borrow your phone scam

WARNING: Lots of swearing but quite funny video

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