10 ways running or walking can make or save you money

10 ways running or walking can make or save you money

1) Ditch the gym

You might be able to ditch the gym membership especially if you can combine it with outdoor free gyms or Plogging to improve the quality and quantity of the exercise whilst doing something that benefits your local neighbourhoods.

2) Walk to the shops

If you walk to your local shops you’re less likely to overspend, however, convenience/local stores are notorious for being a rip off so be careful with this one and try and make it to the nearest supermarket and back instead. Walking back with 3-4 full shopping bags will be a great workout for your arms as well!

3) Run errands

Run errands for others in exchange for money, e.g. if you finish work/uni/college at 3pm and have to walk 40 mins home why not speak with a few shops/businesses along your route and offer to take their daily post to the Post Office / Box on your way past.

4) Get literally paid to walk via apps

Use apps that literally pay you to walk – SweatCoin is a perfect example, the app tracks your steps and pays you. They also don’t sell your location/health data so you’re safe in the knowledge that someone isn’t watching your every move.

5) Reduce your environmental impact on the earth

Walking is better for the environment which in theory lowers the cost to the NHS which means more money is spent on things that improve your day to day living.

6) Walk the bestest boys and girls in all the land

Get paid to walk dogs – If you love animals, don’t mind the odd smelly poo bag and want to get paid to walk this is perfect.

Just be sure to meet the dogs beforehand, do a few trial walks (with the owners), check their medical history and remember you may need suitable insurance just in case the worst happens!

Try Tailster or BorrowMyDoggy (this is more about borrowing a dog instead of walking a dog for money)

7) Deliver leaflets

Deliver leaflets – Far more monotonous than walking a dog but there are normally lots of leaflet delivery jobs around locally.

Try Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree to get you started

8) Car savings

The obvious transport/fuel savings including petrol, tyres, parking fees, wear and tear etc

9) Health benefits

The obvious health benefits = healthier body = less time off work = increased chances of promotion etc.

10) Start a walking/running/fitness club

If you’re a decent walker/runner etc consider charging people to come out on a walk/run with you, at first this will be terrifying but as long as you do some planning, tailor the exercises/locations to your target crowd.

Learn more about setting up your own running/walking/exercise club

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