This unique product could drastically reduce house building costs in the future

This unique product could drastically reduce house building costs in the future

A company called Polycare have created LEGO but for real buildings, they use 5 different block layout/configurations and you can easily make various shapes/buildings quickly, cheaply and efficiently without much knowledge. You then finish off the design with a a range of other components, like window and door lintels, this allows the company “To drive empowerment and circular economy. This enables sustainable and livable buildings for the future.”

Polycare say:

Building a House Has Never Been so Easy. No cement or water is needed. Polyblocks are made of local material. 60% less CO2 emissions than conventional concrete. Teach somebody in one day how to build. Polyblocks are reusable for later constructions.

Learn more about the project in the below TikTok or visit


These blocks are like LEGO for full-size buildings! #fyp #foryou #goodnews #construction #sustainability #sustainableliving

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