How to stop a bed hogger + other ways to improve your sleep &/or stop others ruining your nights sleep

How to stop a bed hogger + other ways to improve your sleep &/or stop others ruining your nights sleep

1) Get technical with “This is your side & this is my side”

With a tape measure and a laser – They can’t argue with science!

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2) They may get the hint…with these sheets

Buy the bedding and just forget it happens


3) Double up on bedding

Buy & use two duvets at once (1 per person) – This trick we use and it’s awesome! Enough bedding to wrap yourself in + extra warmth on the cold nights.
Scientifically women do feel the cold more than men so you may have to give them a break if they constantly nick the duvet!

4) Upgrade your bed

King size at least – A double bed is not big enough all the time in our opinion

5) Remember other issues might be causing the frustration first

If you’re woken by snoring you may then feel more agitated by having less of the bed

‘Sleepy People’ asked 2000 people what annoyed them the most in bed and here were the results:annoy

6) Put something between you

Buy an XL bumper (a little extreme, even for us). For a more budget solution you could try a pillow between the two of you, however, the pillow idea isn’t great long term as it’s quite large and will give you both less room.

7) Get a new bed with two sides

Create a Hybrid Bed (half hard and half soft or any other combination for increased personalised comfort) – or do a DIY job with one of these £40 devices


8) Turn up /down the heat

Grab a decent heated mattress protector from Amazon / John Lewis or look at some silk sheets for breathability / cooling etc.

9) Never share alarm clocks

Always use two alarms if you get up at different times. Most of us use our mobiles for alarms these days but if you want something more subtle you can pick up vibrating alarms which should ensure your partner stays fast asleep.

10) A gentle elbow to the ribs normally works well



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