Boots 70% off clearance sale is very close but people are still losing their **** over it and it’s not even that good!

Boots 70% off clearance sale is very close but people are still losing their **** over it and it’s not even that good!

The Boots clearance sale is one of the most anticipated sales of January, with a bunch of products nobody wanted before Christmas or during the 3-4 weeks they’ve been reduced in January that are reduced to clear but still sitting on the shelves but when will it start?

NOBODY REALLY KNOWS WHEN IT WILL START! But we’re getting very close, Louise has spotted the signage is now in place (see Tweet below)… Could it be Saturday 26th? Or maybe Monday 28th? Wednesday 30th? or Friday, Feb 1st? Keep an eye on the online sale to see what might be included (although most stock is reduced to clear in-store only) at the moment we’re thinking it most likely will start the first week of Feb but that’s a complete guess (just like everyone else).

When has it happened previously?

Friday, January 19 2018

Friday, January 20th 2017

Wednesday 15th January 2016

Prior to 2016 normally 3rd Wednesday in January

But is it really that good?

It’s pretty decent but it’s not as big a discount as many think, remember the products that are reduced to 70% off normally were on a buy 2 get 1 free promotion before Christmas, so something that had a list price of £50 (was actually £33.50 after this discount) so when it eventually drops closer to £15, it’s actually closer to 55% off not 70%!


Is the Boots sale good or bad?

Why the delay?

It seems some staff have alluded to the fact they have too much stock left over, presumably due to more and more people knowing about the ‘70% off’ sale

People are still losing their **** over it though

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