We’ve slept on the Origin Hybrid Pro for the last 2 months, here is what you need to know…

We’ve slept on the Origin Hybrid Pro for the last 2 months, here is what you need to know…

As we always say, investing in the things you use often is normally a great way to have more time and money in your lives, and when it comes to sleeping, this is extremely true as you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so spending a few extra hundred pounds getting a superb bed will give you a more comfortable life which will lead to better career prospects, improved value for money and better health.

Today we’re reviewing the Origin Hybrid Pro Double Mattress priced at £689 (at time of writing), whilst we were given this mattress to test for free we did this with the caveat that Origin wouldn’t have editorial rights and we would be fair and honest and base this review solely on our opinion, expertise and use.

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Quick Glance Review

Edge Support
Value for Money
Trial (with refund)
Material Quality
Back Sleepers
Side Sleepers
Front Sleepers

Reviewing the Origin Hybrid Pro

When the box arrives, you question if it’s big enough to house a mattress… yet when you go to lift it you soon realise there is plenty of weight there, I managed (just) to take it upstairs on my own but in reality it’s a two person job.

As you unpack the mattress from the box, you think, wow, this thing looks thin, but then as you attempt to rip the strong plastic protective bag, you soon sit back in wonder as this monster mattress expands (almost instantly) into this solid high-quality product that dwarfs the mattress it was replacing!

Our first impression was, ‘OK, so it’s quite firm’ which isn’t something we were expecting given how compact the mattress was inside of the box, but Origin has been very clever here, combining 5,700 springs (both pocket and Titanium micro) with Memory Foam, Bamboo Foam, their HexaGrid Plus foam and other layers like the PolarSilk (top), Graphite Crystal Latex and Comfort Foam, this combination of materials provides superb support (arguably slightly too much for a side sleeper), alongside decent cooling effects, excellent levels of comfort and a feeling of real luxury.

Watch the Origin Hybrid Pro Expand

There was no heavy smells upon opening and of course the materials used are Non-toxic, Hypoallergenic and conform to various standards like CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® which in short means they have Low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, are made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, mercury, lead and other heavy metals so they’re safe for you and your loved ones.

What exactly in inside the mattress?

  1. Polar Silk Pillow Top – This is ultra soft
  2. Graphite Infused Latex – Keeps you cooool
  3. HexaGrid Plus – This is their own sleep tech which spreads heat, gives pressure relief and aids recovery
  4. Organic Bamboo-Infused Wool
  5. ErgoCoil Microsprings – This stops motion between people sleeping together and they’re fast acting
  6. Comfort foam – Aids Motion Cancelling Further and Air Flow
  7. Titanium Coils Springs – 5700 of them in fact
  8. Edge support

The good and the not so good

A robust and well-built mattress that should last a good while

Good value with high levels of comfort, decent cooling and support

Backed by a decent 15 year guarantee

Whilst it’s heavy that’s not a bad thing as it shows good quality, it does come with handy straps to move it around.

200 night trial with refund if it’s not right for you

Free Delivery and Returns (if it’s not right for you)

The one downside is for side sleepers, it is quite firm; one of us is a side sleeper, and they found it a tad too much and not as comfortable as other mattresses we’ve tried; that said, heavier side sleepers may prefer the additional support.

We also didn’t like the fact the cover is not easily washable, this would make so much sense if it were possible and instead requires you to use lukewarm water, dishwashing soap and scrubbing. So a mattress protector is still required which may hurt some of the benefits of this mattress.

We noticed a few stitches that hadn’t been cut during the quality control checks, we don’t believe these would cause any issues but they don’t look good but were easily removed with scissors.

As this mattress is for our spare bedroom we’ve had not only us testing/using it but also family and friends, we told them to be critical in their albeit only 1-night stays and not be kind for fear of hurting our feelings as this is a test unit and they were all supportive of the mattress, saying they found it comfortable and slept really well (slight caveat on the friends review as we had drunk a few bottles of wine the evening prior).

The mattress is very tall, which not only gives a great sense of quality upon first impression, but you really feel the benefits when you lie down on it but due to the firmness you equally don’t sink into a hot mess inside it.

We found the edge support to be slightly lacking to what we had expected, however, overall it’s certainly not bad.

It's hard to showcase the pillow like top to this mattress in photos but you will just have to believe us that this top is super soft

The firmness is our only criticism. We found it just a little too firm for side sleepers. Origin rates it 6-7 out of 10 for firmness, but we would rate it higher at 8-9. However, this likely is a personal preference and will vary depending on your or your partner’s weight, in theory a heavier side sleeper would welcome the support but a lightweight side sleeper we suspect, would find it to firm. Something to also consider is the mattress’s max capacity (31 stone max for two people on the double, the King offers 37 stone max weight).

Back on the firmness point briefly, Origin make a big point out of the support levels in this mattress compared with Latex and Memory Foam only mattresses, and we agree with them here the support you get from this mattress is clearly vastly superior to those and many other mattresses we’ve owned or tested but equally this might be why we feel it’s firmer than we they describe as it’s providing superior support. Origin claims the firmness level of this mattress is in line with what the average British sleeper prefers and what sleep experts suggest is recommended for back support.

The top layer is unique in its soft feel and breathability; it’s a real winner; it’s just a shame it’s then wrapped in a mattress protector (as the cover is not removable) and then some equally luxurious bedding.

Rather small niggle of a few stitches being left and not trimmed during the manufacturing process

We didn’t feel hot when sleeping with the mattress, so clearly all the work they’ve done with the various materials and structure to aid cooling helped, although we would argue the more important factor when sleeping is decent bedding, low bedroom temperature and no distractions (something that’s difficult for us with two little children).

Unlike some other brands, which resell returned mattresses, Origin is quite unique in that if someone returns a mattress within 200 days of ordering, the returned mattresses are donated to charity, and you get a full refund which is another positive as part of their ‘No questions asked’ return policy.

As for value for money, we’ve scored this highly as it not only competes or exceeds many other mattresses from a specification point of view but when you factor in the reasonable prices, 200 day trial and free shipping/returns it’s a superb whole package with a warranty and trial that means it’s essential risk free.

The children bounce test

Whilst this is a bit of fun, it does show the movement within the bed (or lack of) and the firmness of the bed.

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