£163.22 worth of food for £70

£163.22 worth of food for £70

£163.22 worth of food/drinks for £70 (thanks to Katie for photo)

So when food shopping we all know cutting vouchers out, hunting for discounts and spotting bargains is all well and good but some of us A.) can’t be bothered or B.) just don’t have the time. So for those people (& even people who do coupon) we recommend placing a test order with these guys they’ve recently started to sell fruit, veg & alcohol

You might think delivery prices are expensive but you get 25KG of food/drink etc delivered for that (that’s a heavy suitcase worth at the airport).

Bit of explanation on what they do:
So the government are trying to force food manufacturers to get rid of the “Best before” dates on all food, as commonly people will throw away food once it reaches this date.

The NHS tells us that “Best before dates are about quality, not safety. When the date is passed, it doesn’t mean that the food will be harmful, but it might begin to lose its flavour and texture.”

So supermarkets stop selling food once it gets near this date, but where does all this food go?


► So what’s the catch?

This site sells food that has past or about to pass the best before date, the food has no problems and tastes exactly the same.

We’ve ordered loads of times for the office now & can’t get enough of the stuff. The food all tastes perfectly fine and has certainly filled up the cupboards.

You certainly still need to go to the shops for meat, vegetables & dairy products, but it will save you a small fortune.

► Does the food taste or smell different?

No, we couldn’t tell the difference at all. However, on a few products, we’ve heard a few people mention things like crisps aren’t always as ‘crispy’ as normal however we’re not personally seen this so it sounds like it depends.
If you’re ever unhappy with something just speak with them however and often they will sort problems out

► What do the other 10 ways users think?

“This is my second purchase from Approved Foods. Think I may become a regular! All this for £40 including delivery. RRP is £131! ” – Tyelle

Approvedfood order came today, saved £70″ – Robert

“Cost about £33 and we saved over £150. Split the shop between 3 of us to save on the postage.” – Siobhan

“Saved ~£200. Was gonna get all the Mini Breaks onto the table too, but they wouldn’t fit” – Myles

“My Approved Food order came £20 with postage, RRP £54. Have only tried the monster munch so far they are great and not even out of date!” – Jessie

“So tasty! From ApprovedFood” – William

“Here is my Approved Food order: a few multi packs of crisps, popcorn, bitter lemon drinks, twiglets, Tofita sweets, lilt and toilet roll! Thank you again for posting the website ” – Kerry-Louise

► How long did it take to arrive?

4 days, but that included a weekend.

► Was anything broken/damaged?

No, it was the best-packaged delivery we’ve ever received, tons of bubble wrap, boxes inside boxes inside boxes & polystyrene foam everywhere!

► Any tricks?

If a certain item doesn’t seem cheap then type it into an online supermarket to compare prices. Also, remember places like B&M bargains and HomeBargains may be cheaper for some items.

► So all the food is out of date?

No, it’s generally either past it’s best before, it’s end of line or clearance. But recently lots of items arrive well within date.

► What don’t they sell?

Fresh meat, dairy etc

► OK, I’m interested. Take me to the website

Visit their website now to take advantageScreen Shot 2015-05-18 at 00.59.45

Enjoy & please let us know how you get on by posting your photos on our wall

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