London Landlords are officially crazy – £530p/m for this ‘large’ room….

London Landlords are officially crazy – £530p/m for this ‘large’ room….

Joe Peduzzi (22) just landed a new job in London, so he did the scary thing of looking for a house/room to rent in London.

He found a listing on for a ‘Large Double Room in Whitechapel/Bethnal Green’ for ‘just’ £530 per month which seems decent value until you realise the room is actually a shed, wait what! Yes a shed…. in someone’s lounge…with just a mattress inside….

Good old London and their awesome landlords, Joe said: ‘I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


The ‘bedroom’ is actually a shed. (Picture: Mercury)

‘There was no chance I was paying £530 a month for that.’

‘I was laughing to myself down the road back to the Tube,’

The main issue seems to be the landlords pure ‘..cheek to advertise that as a bedroom’.


How much do you pay for your rent? (monthly)

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