The Competitive Gaming Millionaires & the risks involved in becoming one (1hr documentary)

This VICE documentary shows the highs and lows of eSports

0:00 – Introduction to eSports / eSports Superstars
1:57 – South Korea
4:29 – Spiral Cats (eSports ‘cheerleaders’)
13:07 – Difference between traditional sports and eSports
13:50 – Professional Commentators / Shout Caster
18:05 – Cinderalla Act /Shutdown law (South Korea) – Preventing children from playing past midnight
19:15 – Computer game addiction (in photo)
23:44 – Cosplay
28:00 – London eSports & KSI (YouTube ‘Gamer’ / personality)
32:45 – Sam Mathews (Fnatic team)
40:10 – South Korea’s PC Bangs (gaming Cafes)
43:00 – Pre-drinks and gaming
48:06 – Professional Gaming Houses + Promise gamer, match fixing and suicide + secret support groups
54:57 – World Champions League of Legends

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