How this waitress gets £250 in tips each day!

How this waitress gets £250 in tips each day!

TikToker Cassi.i.i serves drinks on a golf course, her ‘how to get $300 in tips’ video recently went viral (4M views), it outlines how on a Wednesday she gained £250 ($300) in tips.

WARNING: We all know the tipping culture in the US is very different to the UK so take all of this with a big pinch of salt, but regardless we thought it (+ the comments section) was interesting (video below). We don’t condone her behaviour but equally, stay safe if you consider this sort of thing! 

The comments section was full of strong support including:

How manipulative! To which Cassi responded “👏 Yes 👏”

I’ve been doing the boys thing forever, it works

College kid thing works eeeeevery time

Get it girl!!! 👏👏👏

Here is her advice:

  1. Call older men boys
  2. Remember their drink order
  3. Ask them if they want a ‘fresh drink’ instead of another one – 9/10 times they want a fresh one (even if they don’t want one)
  4. Ask what they do for a living – Reference what you do for studying / funding it yourself
  5. Always be smiling
  6. Be a professional flirter

The comments continued with some shocking comments:

I heard of a girl that sold sunscreen off the cart. $5 a bottle and for $10 she’ll apply the sunscreen onto you

Imagine if American and Canada just actually paid servers proper wages

This convinced me to stop tipping

I worked in a golf course for a few months my biggest mistake got harassed everyday and touched a lot so stay safe girl

To which Cassie responded with:

Takes a special type of confidence to flirt but still holder serious boundaries – Anybody touches me they are getting kicked off the course period

The comments from Europeans started:

So funny that we get paid enough in Europe so we don’t need to beg so much

To which Cassie responded:

But are you averaging $500 a day 🤔

The video:

The follow-up video:

Be a financial rockstar and share this with your friends, family and co-workers to maximise savings:

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