Never buy cardboard boxes (for moving, sending parcels etc)

Never buy cardboard boxes (for moving, sending parcels etc)

When moving house, never buy cardboard boxes, a pack of 10 can set you back as much as £25 delivered or 10 for £15 on eBay but if you go to some of the places listed below and ask around the back if they’ve got any spare boxes you can normally get them for free!

When we moved house we were given tons of them but remember it might go against their companies rules/insurance etc so don’t kick up a fuss or be a d*ck about it if they say no, also they’re doing you a favour so keep the area clean/tidy and thank them either way.

  • Furniture Stores
  • Supermarkets / Corner shops
  • Stationery stores (e.g. Rymans / Office Depot etc)
  • Off-Licences / Pubs / Clubs
  • Petshops
  • Costco
  • £1 stores
  • Craiglist / Facebook Marketplace / Freecycle etc
  • Bookstores
  • McDonalds (their fry boxes are decent and the fries are sealed + frozen so no greasy smell)
  • Starbucks / Costa etc – They’re generally tight for space so may appreciate it
  • Schools
  • Your neighbours, if you notice they get lots of parcel deliveries, just ask if they will save you the boxes
  • Other offices/workplaces/industrial units
  • Order a pencil on Amazon and you probably will get a massive box for free!
  • Find someone else that has recently moved and ask for their old boxes

Something we also did before moving was starting to store any Amazon boxes we had in the loft ready for moving week!

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