The ‘secret’ behind the £1700 course on ‘how to chat up women’

The ‘secret’ behind the £1700 course on ‘how to chat up women’

Chris Manak runs a 5-week course which supposedly is the ‘ultimate dating and lifestyle course’… In which you go and meet 50-100 women (with Chris at your side & presumably with you buying him drinks all night, at least 4 hours per night).

But, he has revealed his ‘best’ tip on how to approach women, Chris said: “Say, “excuse me,” and give her a moment to register and look at you.

“Don’t use a [chat up] line, instead think about specifically what it was that made you want to talk to her, for example, “I’m so curious as to where you are from?”.”

Chris also says asking a woman for the time does not work, and advises using something specific about her to begin the conversation.

…. thanks for that Chris.

So there you go we’ve just saved you £1,700. Poor Chris has now approached some 10,000 women and is now teaching his clients how best to overcome their fears and engage with women in a positive manner.

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