Two students make £10,000 by cashing in on ‘Coronavirus’ masks, legends or scammers?

Two students make £10,000 by cashing in on ‘Coronavirus’ masks, legends or scammers?

Just in case you take your health advice from random money-saving websites, these sort of face masks don’t actually help you from catching the virus. Follow the advice from the Government for the most up to date advice.

Gabriel Becker, 17 and Luke Gamble, 18 have publicly told the world they’ve made £10,000 from selling £0.017 face masks for £0.70 each (sold in packs of 10) on eBay since the Coronavirus concerns have grown in the UK.

Gabriel told The Bournemouth Echo:

“I was looking at news about the coronavirus and looking at buying masks because I was going to London. Then I noticed they were extortionate,”

“I looked deeper and deeper and saw there was not many people selling them. I found a gap in the market.

“I have been interested in business since I saw how much money you can make. I was down to my last £20 and put it into this business and prayed it worked.

“I went into doctor’s surgeries that were closing down and bought masks from Spanish suppliers. It just took off from there. I have had 400 whole sales and made £4,600.”


Is selling 1.7p face masks for 70p unfair profiteering?

Luke said:

“On the first morning I had four sales and Gabe had none, he was distraught,”

“By lunch time I had 500 sales and made a bet with someone that I’d get to 1,000. I did that by the afternoon.”

Gabriel said when he first told his friends about the idea, they were very sceptical.

“Over the weekend it blew up and I haven’t received criticism since.”

Gabriel’s mum, Helen, 51, said she was extremely proud of her son’s “get up and go”.

“Gabriel has always been a wheeler and dealer. I am extremely proud of him.

“I said to be careful doing work on the internet and he told me to embrace his enthusiasm.

“I have suggested that he invests it the money and doesn’t spend, spend, spend. He is already thinking of investing it in new projects.”

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