10 ways To Save Money By Kicking A Habit

10 ways To Save Money By Kicking A Habit

Is your bank balance looking a little worse for wear? If you need to save some cash, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some silly habits that, if you break them, could save you more money than you know.

1. Stop browsing online stores when you’re bored

We’re all guilty of online shopping when we’re watching TV or just chilling at home, but how much does it actually cost?


Browsing online stores when you’re feeling a little bored may seem pretty innocent, however, it comes with a major drawback. Unless you actually want something (or, better yet, need something), you will end up spending money that you just don’t need to spend. After all, you’re almost certain to come across something that you want or need. Buying things simply because you have nothing else to do is a huge mistake and you know it! Save yourself some pennies and just don’t bother.


Luckily, there’s an easy solution. When you feel the need to check out the latest sales online, fill your time by doing something else. Whether it’s watching Netflix or picking up a book (so retro!), there are many ways that you can distract yourself. Remember, often enough we spend money just so that we can fill the time. Life is short. Find a better and more productive way to spend your down time.

2. Stop drinking £10 cocktails

When on earth did alcohol get so darn expensive? If you’re guilty of spending a tenner on the odd mojito, you need to change your ways!

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Cocktails are ridiculously trendy these days. Whether you sup them from jars or out of a classic pineapple, you’re certain to be paying through the nose for the pleasure of drinking one of these beauties. What’s more, the more you drink, the more likely you are to splash out on expensive drinks as you will no longer care how much money you’re throwing down the drain. Eek! So, what should you be doing instead?


Well, there are actually many solutions to this pesky problem. For one thing, you could make some cocktails at home for you and your pals. A cocktail making kit does not cost nearly as much as spending loads on these drinks all the time. When you do hit the town, stick to drinks that don’t have such a massive markup on them. For example, house spirits and mixers will cost a fraction of the price of a cocktail. That means that your money will go way further and you will get more for it!

Buy: Cocktail making kit | Buy: These sets | Watch: YouTube Cocktail Making guides

3. Stop smoking (and stick to it)

You knew this one was coming, right? Like it or not, smoking is bad for your health and your pocket…. So, isn’t it time you quit?



We shouldn’t have to say this one at all really. Smoking is bad for you. Duh! Aside from that, it costs a whole load. Even if you’re the type who opts for roll-ups, you’re still throwing money away that could be better spent elsewhere. Of course, quitting is not as easy as you might imagine. You can’t just wake up one day and decide that it’s time to give it a rest. Still, there are a few things you can try instead.


Of course, the most difficult solution is to go cold turkey. It’s harder than anyone expects. Instead, you might want to try vaping so that you can slowly decrease your nicotine intake until you no longer crave it all of the time. This is essentially a way of weaning yourself off the drug (because it is a drug) until you no longer feel the need to rely on it on a daily basis. You may also want to try hypnotherapy or even nicotine patches to get you through.

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4. Stop paying for subscriptions you don’t use

Are you paying for things that you don’t even use? Well, you might as well be throwing your cash straight into the dustbin!

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The modern world is basically built on subscriptions and monthly fees. You’ve likely signed up to a whole load of different services that you don’t even know about right now. Nightmare. Many people don’t even bother to check their monthly or annual outgoings. (Psst… Some don’t even check their bank accounts at all!) Avoiding doing so will only end up landing you in a whole load of trouble, though.


It might sound like an utterly boring task (well, it is!) but you need to go through your subscriptions and get rid of some of them. The easiest way to find out what you’re paying for is to go through your bank statements and check all of your outgoings on a month by month basis. It may take you some time at first, but it’s sure to be worth it in the long run. The more you can get rid of now, the more money you will save in the long run.

5. Stop buying lunches when you’re at work

Treating yourself to a cheeky meal deal when you’re working might seem like a small cost, but it all adds up!

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When you’re at work (and you’ve failed to bring lunch with you!), you might think nothing of heading to the shop to grab yourself a meal deal. At between £3 and £5, it doesn’t seem like a huge cost at the time. After all, you tell yourself, it’s not like you do it all the time! Or do you? It might be time to check out how much you’re spending on these little treats on a monthly basis. A few quid here and there soon adds up and costs you more than you would like to admit. With a little pre-planning, you could save some serious cash.


You might not like it but the solution, but here it is. You need to start planning your weekly lunches in advance. Making lunches every single day can be a bit of a pain. That’s why most people simply don’t do it. However, if you do your entire week’s worth of lunches ahead of time (and pop them in some tupperware), you will save yourself some time, energy, and, crucially, money. It doesn’t have to just be sandwiches; you can prep everything from sweet potatoes to salads. Yum.

Buy: Tupperware | Read: Meal Prep Sundays Explained

6. Stop ignoring your bank statements

How often do you check your bank statements? If they’re piling up on your coffee time, you may be in for a real shock.

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Finances are boring. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Looking at your bank statements means not only having to acknowledge how much you spend, but also it takes up time and energy which could be better spent. No one really likes having to deal with their own finances, and yet making sure that you know how much you spend on a week by week basis is essential if you want to save yourself some cash.


Of course, the most obvious solution here is that you should simply start checking your statements, but there are some easy tricks you may want to try too. Why not get a Monzo card? That way, you can track how much you’re spending, set budgets, and see where your biggest outgoings lie. You may find that you’re spending more than you should be on groceries or eating out, for example. Once you know where your money is going, you can fix the problem.

Read: What is the Monzo card?

7. Stop throwing out things you don’t need

Sometimes, we all need to clear things out, but you should never throw away ‘good quality’ things!

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As Madonna once said, “We’re living in a material world”, but if you’re not a material girl or boy, you might need to get rid of some old stuff. We all have too many things and it’s 100% healthy to start clearing some space in your home every now and then. However, if you’re throwing stuff away that is perfectly good, you could be wasting more money than you realise.


Selling things online is not as easy as it sounds, but you should give it a go if you have too much stuff. Sites like eBay and even Facebook allow you to sell your old things and make a profit off them. If you want to make space while also making yourself some money along the way, this may very well be the answer. Failing that, you could also find that sites like Music Magpie and the like are the perfect place to recycle things that you no longer need.

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8. Stop spending over the odds on takeaway

When Friday (or Fri-yay!) finally comes around, there’s a temptation to grab yourself a tasty takeaway, but is it worth it?

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As convenient and tasty as takeaways are, there’s something that you need to remember about them. They cost an absolute bomb. For the average price of a takeaway for two (about £30), you could get a whole load of fresh food that would last you days on end. However, it’s all about how a takeaway makes us feel, right? For some reason, we feel as though this is a treat, and so it feels as though we’re having a good time when we have one. But are we?


Think about it. It doesn’t take all that long to devour a takeaway curry/pizza/noodle dish. That means that you end up paying a whole load of cash for a short-lived experience. (And no, don’t kid yourself that you will save leftovers for tomorrow!) Instead, why not treat yourself to some quality home cooked food. It may be worth making your own versions of your favourite takeaways!

Buy: Friday Night Takeaway Cookbook | Love a good takeaway? Try this instead

9. Stop getting takeout coffee

Is it time to kick the habit? All of those flat whites could be draining your cash more than you even know!

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Make no mistakes, coffee is absolutely delicious. If you need a java hit every single day to get by, you’re not alone. Still, at £3 or more a cup, it’s clear to see that this cheeky little habit is a costly one. The issue here is that most of us like to enjoy coffee when we’re out or on the go. That means that we end up spending extra cash every single day without realising it.


Okay, so the obvious thing you can do here is make your own coffee and take it out with you. It may not feel the same the first few times, but when you see the money that it saves you, that will not matter anymore. If that fails you, it’s worth looking out for deals or free coffee when you can get it. For example, many cafes offer cheaper drinks if you take your own mug rather than using a disposable one. Genius.

Buy: Reusable Coffee Cup | Read: How to find cheap coffee

10. Stop getting your nails done

Your nails may look pretty, but how is your bank balance looking these days? Save some cash now!

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Having your nails done is a real treat, right? Still, spending money to get someone to do your nails for you is a bit of a waste of money. Sure, they last a long time and look nice, but they cost a fortune. And, let’s face it, no one needs to get their nails done.


If you want a long-lasting effect (and don’t want to pay someone to do it), there are home gel kits that you can get. Yes, you will have to fork out cash to buy them in the first place. However, once you have one you can do the whole process by yourself in the comfort of your pjs. What could be better than that? And remember, guys, practice makes perfect here!

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