Aldi is taking on another branded product, this week they’re launching an Olaplex ‘dupe’ – starting at £2.99

Aldi is taking on another branded product, this week they’re launching an Olaplex ‘dupe’ – starting at £2.99

Olaplex has widely been considered a revelation in the hair industry the main benefit is that it can help to prevent further damage to hair by repairing the broken bonds (using its Patented system). It can also help to improve the appearance of damaged hair, making it look healthier and shinier. In addition, Olaplex can help to make colouring last longer by protecting the hair from further damage.

Many people who use Olaplex report that their hair is softer, smoother, and easier to manage after using the product. Olaplex can be used on all hair types, including coloured and bleached hair. It is also suitable for use on extensions and wigs!

But Aldi has realised (although they would never say so) they can jump on this bandwagon and likely sell a similar product at a fraction of the cost; this is especially important as Olaplex doesn’t come cheap with their product bundle (shampoo and conditioner) costing around £52, Aldi’s range will start at £2.99 with a shampoo and conditioner bundle for just £3.49!

The products are available in different formulations for different hair types. The main active ingredient in all Olaplex products is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate but it’s not clear if the Aldi version will have the same ingredient in it (on first look it won’t).

The Aldi version is available to pre-order from the 24th July online and in-store from 28th July, although we suspect it will sell out quickly!

*Disclosure: Aldi & Olaplex haven’t paid/requested that we post about this, but we’re paid when people buy either Olaplex or Lacura Bonded via the above links.

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