Asda launches Draft Beer refill centre trial!

Asda launches Draft Beer refill centre trial!

Our local Asda in Milton Keynes is offering a beer and cider refill centre in an effort to reduce single-use plastic, glass and aluminium cans after the ongoing trial of the “refill zone” where you can fill up containers of pasta, laundry detergent and even pet food in several stores across the UK.

Asda partnered with Craft on Draft who are experts in beer and will offer shoppers advice, answer any questions and offer free samples (which almost makes supermarket shopping bearable), the beer isn’t cheap compared to cheap cans/bottles but it’s fair for premium small brewery beer, 1 litre of craft beer or cider is priced from £5.90 to £8.20, read below on how it all works and to see the prices.

Beers on offer:

They say they will have 12 regularly changing beers but they’ve launched with:

  • Pornstar Martini IPA (4.0% ABV) from Redchurch Brewery £16.80 for 2 litres
  • Helles Beach (4.4% ABV) £14 for 2 litres
  • ChewChew Salted Caramel Milkstout (6.0% ABV) from Fallen Brewing £15.60 for 2 litres
  • Paradiso Citra IPA, a 0.5% beer from the team at Big Drop Brewing £11.70 for 2 litres
  • Style Points Neipa (5.2% ABV) £13 for 2 litres
  • Patchwork Rocket Pale Ale (4.2% ABV) £13 for 2 litres
  • Hallets Cider (4.0% ABV) £12.56 for 2 litres
  • Buxton Blonde (4.6% ABV) £13 for 2 litres
  • SAAZ Pilsner (4.5% ABV) £13 for 2 litres
  • Wolf Ale Bitter – Coming Soon
  • Curse Threepwood (5.0% ABV) £16.40 for 2 litres

Steps to use:

  1. Sample the beer (yes that’s a thing, which frankly makes supermarket shopping almost bearable)
  2. Pick the size of your growler (1 litre £4 or 2 litre growler £7) – It’s not clear if these are refundable or not
  3. Ask the staff to fill your growler (container/s)
  4. Pay between £5.90 to £8.20 for the beer (per litre)
  5. Chill that beer when you get home and enjoy it
  6. Return to get your deposit back or refill

Asda spokesman Matt Harrison said:

“The Craft on Draft team’s expertise in the hospitality industry will bring a range of drinks to our store that are unlikely to be found elsewhere and that complement our strong existing beers, wines and spirits offer.

“The refillable element of the trial gives customers the chance to pick up a new tipple and make a small change to help them shop more sustainably in our Milton Keynes store.”

Craig Bell, Co-Founder at Craft on Draft (Asda’s Partner), said:

“We’re proud to be launching this new concept exclusively with Asda and have secured some interesting beers for the whole of December, with even more low and no alcohol options to come in January.

“We’re passionate about craft beers and ciders and aim to showcase the best small batch brews to bring something new and different to Asda customers. Although if they want to try them, they’ll need to be quick, as there will be a limited number of serves available and once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

The real question we want to know is will be taste testing an option… *leaves the office to go and check*

Asda Press Release

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