The woman that earns £Thousands taking selfies on Instagram

The woman that earns £Thousands taking selfies on Instagram

Gabrielle Epstein is an Australian Model but she now earns more money from Instagram than here normal job as a model!

With over 700,000 followers, companies are now willing to pay her large chunks of cash for her to feature their products in her photos, one image can pay the same as a full weeks worth of modelling + she doesn’t have to even leave her bedroom!

  • You will most likely need 100,000 followers before you get offered product endorsement constantly, however,  that doesn’t stop you from starting and if you’ve got a particular niche then companies will want to target that niche.
  • You need products that match your target audience and don’t want to appear too much like an advert. For instance, Gabrielle promotes brands including clothes, health foods and teeth-whitening products that she personally uses (supposedly)

Clicking on an image inside Instagram shows the ‘tags’ which just so happen to be the swimsuit company

  • If you’re UK based then you must comply with ASA requirements when posting sponsored products etc on personal profiles
  • I think it’s controversial to say it but I guess being attractive and having what appears to be a fun lifestyle helps, nobody wants to pay for photos of you sat in your PJs in bed looking like you’ve just woken up from the worse hangover ever..

When interviewed by Gold Coast Bulletin she said:

“I definitely earn more money from Instagram [compared with her normal modelling], 100 per cent,”

“I make more money posting a selfie than working for four days [standard model work]”

“About a year and a half ago I was travelling to Brisbane a lot for work and by the time you take out the agency’s 20 per cent, GST on commission and then tax, the model is left with little.”


Another obvious advert alongside a photo of her on the beach in a swimsuit.


Do you think you could do it?

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Via Gold Coast Bulletin & Instagram

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