10 products that save you time

10 products that save you time

Saving time is a great way of bettering your life and increasing your income, these 10 products should all give you more time. If you think we’ve missed any please let us know in the comments 👍

1) Wagner Paint Roller HandiRoll 550 (you suck up the paint into the roller handle) – 50% saving on time

Connect the suction attachment to the side of the paint tin and then fill the unit with paint, then go to town painting without having to refill the roller.

Click here to buy the Wagner Paint Roller HandiRoll 550

2) Instant Pot 7-in-1 pressure cooker – 70% saving on time

A stew from scratch in 30 minutes these pressure cooker/combo cookers reduce cooking times by up to 70% which also saves you electricity/gas.

3) Apple Tags or Tile (one in 20 UK motorists have lost their car keys for good1)

If you ever say “where are my keys?” or “where is the TV remote?” you need some of these in your life + they have the added benefit of being a security tracker.

Buy Apple Tag 4 pack for £99 or Tile Pro

4) A robot hoover/vacuum (Potentially 9 solid days of cleaning per year)

“The average Brit spends 208 hours [nearly 9 solid days or a total of 2 solid years of their life] a year doing household tasks, and more than two thirds of us think that’s too much” – Airtasker Research

We’ve had robot vacuums for several years now and whilst they’re not perfect (e.g. they don’t clean the stairs) they’ve massively reduced the amount of time we spend cleaning our house/work.

One positive reviewer said: “Wow, just wow! The Eufy 11s has way exceeded my wildest expectations. It is utterly amazing and everyone should have one issued with their first house! In a nutshell it does what it says, it’s super quiet, gets itself out of tight spots, cleans like a dream and returns to its base to charge.”

Buy: Eufy RoboVac | Neato Robot Vacuum

5) An Amazon Echo (measuring the time saved is difficult)

Your virtual assistant can help you set reminders, tell you the news on demand as you do something else, perform tasks and do endless other things.

Buy Echo Dot | Echo Dot with Clock | Echo Show

6) Silicone Baking Mats + Oven Liners (less oven cleaning)

No need for oil, cooking sprays, or parchment paper with these + they save you from having to constantly wash your pans.

The oven liners keep your oven easier to clean and can simply be pulled out to wash when required.

Buy Silicone Baking Mats & Oven Liners

7) Facial Cleansing Massager (“I think it does slightly speed up the process of getting rid of leftover hyperpigmentation from old pimples”)

The LUNA mini 2 removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, dead skin cells, unclogs pores and makeup residue. Perfect for all skin types, the extremely gentle silicone will leave the skin looking clean, bright and healthy.

Buy Luna Mini 2 Makeup Remover

8) Shower Power Scrubber for your drill (much quicker than manually doing it)

Connect the brush head to your drills and speed up your cleaning in your bathroom, shower etc.

“A game-changer”

Buy Shower Power Scrubber

9) A phone/device or Dummy UV sanitiser (reducing the time to sterilise a dummy to just 1 minute without hot water)

Using UV power to clean things isn’t that new (hospitals have been doing it for a good while to stop things like MRSA) but having something that’s in your home or is portable is pretty new, these save you time and reduce the chances of you getting sick which would cost you time off work or loss of earnings.

Buy: Phone/Pen/Jewellery UV sanitiser | Dummy UV Steriliser

10) Wireless Meat Thermometer (no time wasted over or under-cooking meat)

Save yourself from overcooked poor tasting meat or undercooked potentially food poisoning riddled food with this wireless meat thermometer, it works in your oven, on the BBQ or in a pan. Connect to your smartphone, smart speaker or tablet.

Buy: MEATER Meat Therometer

What have we missed? Let us know below in the comments?

  1. https://media.rac.co.uk/pressreleases/motorists-have-spent-over-ps181m-replacing-lost-car-keys-2494947

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