By far the best piece of free software you can install on your computer

By far the best piece of free software you can install on your computer

Install F.lux on your laptop – it will help you switch off at night + make working late at night easier on your eyes and has even been proven to help people who suffer headaches etc

► Got an Android phone you want to run similar software? > or

► Hate how bright your iPhone screen is even when on the lowest brightness setting? e.g. when in bed before you go to sleep?
Try this:
1. Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Zoom -> Enable Zoom. Tap the screen with three fingers three times.
Press ‘Choose Filter’ > ‘Low Light’, Chose Zoom Region to “Full Screen Zoom”.
2. Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut (It’s on the bottom) -> Set to “Zoom”
Now when you press the home button 3 times quickly the screen will dim! Three times again and it will go back to normal.
Seriously this has made our day!


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