Free Holidays, Free Hotel Rooms, Free Car Rental & an Asshole – Guy changes name to Raven Felix Null to glitch computer systems

Free Holidays, Free Hotel Rooms, Free Car Rental & an Asshole – Guy changes name to Raven Felix Null to glitch computer systems

The term “Null” is associated with a value zero (i.e. nothing, empty or void). Having a name like Raven Felix Null is bound to raise a few eyebrows but it’s also broken a few computer systems along the way.

Some of the free stuff includes:

  • 7 nights at 7 different hotels
  • A month of free AT&T phone service
  • 2 rental cars that were never actually even logged as being leased when I returned them
  • A month of free T-Mobile phone service (I did pay for a SIM, though)
  • A root canal

Null revealed:

‘I usually just accuse them of oppressing me and threaten to sue them for discriminating against me due to my name.

‘The manager at the time just gives me whatever it is I want and “will add it later”. People are so scared of a PR nightmare these days…

‘I would never actually sue for something like that. I understand why it is a problem but still, it needs to be fixed.

‘Yes, I know I’m an asshole. However, if someone still said they couldn’t do it after threatening to be sued I’d probably congratulate them and tell them how many people I have ripped off by doing that and wish them a good day. I might even offer to buy them a beer later.’

‘I didn’t change my name just so I could get free stuff or fuck with shitty code (I didn’t even consider that the name change would interfere with that at the time). It’s not all great, my choice of banks is very limited, it has kept me from getting an apartment I really wanted, and several other small annoyances.’

Okay, so basically my original first and middle names were Jonathan and David. My parents are super religious and chose my name out of the bible because Jonathan and David were friends.

I graduated college about 1¼ years ago with an MS in Computer Engineering and a BS in Theoretical Physics (I’m 24 now) I changed my name to Raven Felix Null because I have always been fond of the names Raven and Felix. I chose the last name Null because it means nothing, meaning I am not connected to my “family” in any way anymore (for me it was sort of liberating in a way). Also, people would comment on my name saying stuff like “You know Jonathan and David were best friends in the bible.” Which I didn’t particularly care for.

So yeah, that’s why I changed my name.

Guy changes his name to trick computer systems, Legend or Idiot?

Null was asked, so your existence is an idiot tax on anyone who can’t hire someone to write decent code?

Only for large corporations who have the money to fix it but don’t because it’s cheaper to just give me some free stuff rather than pay a team of developers to fix the problem. I wouldn’t do that to a mom and pop place.

This isn’t the first time people with Null as their lastname have had issues

Jennifer Null from Southern Virginia in the US, has to ring up to book flights as various flight websites constantly tell her to fill in the name field & she even struggles with Government Tax websites. [s]

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