Earn Tesco Clubcard Points via their NEW Marketplace Store!

Earn Tesco Clubcard Points via their NEW Marketplace Store!

In an interesting development, Tesco has unveiled an online marketplace, expanding its digital footprint by offering customers the ability to shop for thousands of third-party products alongside their groceries, this move is a similar one to B&Q in 2022, The Range in ~2020 and of course Amazon in 2002 who have all launched exactly the same concepts.

This new addition is supposedly set to make Tesco.com a comprehensive destination for all customer needs. At launch, the platform boasts 9,000 products spanning DIY, garden, homeware, pet care, and toys. These third-party items will appear alongside Tesco’s grocery offerings both online and via the app, with direct fulfilment from the suppliers (this is the important part to realise).

Tesco’s marketplace kicks off with 17 prominent sellers, including big names like Diegeo, Silentnight, Tefal, Tommee Tippee, and Online Home Shop… however, the real question is will things be worth it?

In the past, sites similar like B&Q Marketplace have come under fire for their service so it will be interesting to see how Tesco handles this.

Peter Filcek, Tesco’s Marketplace Director, shared his enthusiasm:

“This is a really exciting moment as we expand our online offer – making it even more convenient for customers to shop at Tesco and even more rewarding with customers able to collect Clubcard points on all purchases.”

Filcek emphasized Tesco’s commitment to enhancing the shopping experience:

“We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers, and our new marketplace offers them the same great quality and value they have come to expect from Tesco across an even bigger range of products from our specially-selected partners.”

Looking ahead, Tesco plans to broaden its product and brand offerings even further, promising more variety for its customers in the coming months. This expansion marks a significant step in Tesco’s mission to deliver convenience, quality, and value all in one place.

Will I earn Clubcard points?

Yes, you will collect 1 point for every £1 you spend on Marketplace products, however, you won’t be able to spend Clubcard points on Marketplace items.

Wait didn’t Tesco have Tesco Direct before? Is this different?

Correct, Tesco Direct was everything non-food from Tesco. However, the products sold on Tesco Direct were physically stocked by Tesco in their own warehouses (or in some cases their own stores), while the products sold on Marketplace are distributed and shipped from third-party companies. Tesco Direct closed its doors in 2018.

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