Anyone own a broken Dyson?

Anyone own a broken Dyson?

“Hi! Thought I would let you know about this…. My Dyson broke. The brush bar stopped spinning and there was a burning smell. I emailed Dyson at [email protected] and explained the problem, gave them the model number and serial number of the machine and simply asked for my nearest service centre so I could get it fixed. I also included my address and phone number. I got an email back stating that they were sending out the part they believed I needed for the machine to be fixed! A few hours later, I got another email with the part description, which stated that the part cost £80 but the total bill to pay for me was £0! They could easily tell by the serial number of my machine that I am well outside of my warranty period! Nice saving of £80 part and whatever they would charge for labour at a service centre! My mother in law did the same thing as her Dyson had a fault too and got the same response, the part is out in the mail to her free of charge! Worth a punt for anyone with a broken Dyson!”

Always worth asking and remember Sales of Goods Act if that doesn’t work >

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