78% drop in plastic bags taken from Tesco + £12,000 raised for charity + a guy that got a tattoo…

Since October 2015 we’ve seen some crazy scenes across the country with people going home with metal baskets, pushing full trolleys out of the store and even seeing plastic bags with security tags but the 5p per bag scheme does seem to be working with Tesco reporting they’ve seen a 78% drop in plastic bag use and £12,000 raised from the 5p charges.

Aden Brown who got a trolley tattoo after being in the papers. See SWNS story SWHERO; A shopper who hit the headlines after stealing a trolley to avoid the 5p carrier bag charge. A shopper who stole a trolley to avoid the new 5p carrier bag charge has protested further against the mark-up - with a TATTOO on his thigh. Aden Brown, 26, got his tattoo artist auntie to ink him a drawing of a stick man pushing a loaded trolley with the words: "5p bags! F*ck that. #1 trolley." He posted a photo online with the caption: "Just to top this banter off the money I saved from not using the bags I got this. Thanks Tesco every little helps."

Aden Brown who got took a trolley home full of shopping instead of paying for bags, even got a tattoo after being in the papers.


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Rebecca Shelley, group communications director for Tesco, said: “We knew the government’s bag charge would encourage our customers to use fewer plastic bags and it’s clearly had a huge impact.

“We wanted to do as much as we could to help our customers avoid paying the charge – the week before the charge was introduced we gave out free bags for life, and we’ve been sharing helpful hints and tips on how customers can cut down the number of bags they use.”

She concluded: “We’re also working with our customers to make sure the millions of pounds that will be raised from the bag charge go towards making a real difference for our local communities.”


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