Learn the rules of glitch hunting [in store]

Learn the rules of glitch hunting [in store]

► When completing a price glitch you will feel:

  • Fear, from the worry of being ‘caught’ and/or refused.
  • A thrill, from scanning so many items on the self service tills that you are shaking.
  • Joy from knowing that you’ve just paid a lot less than normal
  • a sense of achievement, you just found a price glitch and it worked!

WARNING: glitch hunting is highly addictive!

► How do I try a glitch?

  • Go to your local store and try and find items that match our original post (generally found on our social media pages)
  • If your store has hand scanners, or price checking machines then scan the items to check
  • If your store doesn’t have price checkers then simply go to self service till with a couple of items and test
  • If you find an item, fill your boots
  • As a glitch hunter the rule is to always leave a few items for the next hunter + to take photographs of your stash + tell us the barcodes etc

► What happens if they’re full price?

Just say you’ve changed your mind, forgotten your wallet/purse etc. Remember 99% of staff don’t really care that much. Or just take back for a refund.

► Can staff take my items off me?

This depends if you’ve paid or not, if you’ve paid then it becomes your property and technically they can’t take the items off you, simply walk away and don’t let them hold you. If you’ve not paid then they have EVERY RIGHT TO NOT ALLOW YOU TO BUY THE ITEMS!

Pro tip: We always carry around enough money to cover the price of the shopping in coins, once we’ve scanned a few items (never take more than 5 glitched items to the tills, unless the staff don’t seem vigilant) and if staff are coming over we simply throw in the coin/s into the self service machine as quick as possible! This means you’ve paid = they can’t take the items off you 😉

► Is it legal?


► I don’t understand, why would companies do this?

Companies generally don’t do these on purpose, except sometimes Tosco* with the iPad glitch [in our opinion].

They’re caused by human error, a computer glitch, a marketing ploy gone wrong or simply end of line clearance. In this case two promotions working at the same time or old stock.

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