‘Broken Vase’ Scam (China)

‘Broken Vase’ Scam (China)

People deliberately trying to be injured in China so they can claim compensation against you.

The scam which is known as peng cier (literally translated to broken vase) originates from the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) where scammers would be carrying some counterfeit antiques like an expensive vase, they would then walk into someone and the vase would end up on the floor smashed. The scammers would then threaten and extort money out of the person who they bumped into.

The scam has now evolved to people (generally older generations) simply walking in front of cars and using their bodies as a ‘broken vase’.

Other examples involve, bicycles and motorbikes hitting cars on purpose to be knocked off.

If you’re driving in China then make sure you have a dash camera fitted as it might save you a lot of money, time etc. Police also recommend if such a thing happens to you then report it to the Police and insist on a formal medical examination at a hospital.

A 60-year-old Beijing man made 100,000 yuan (£11,173) in compensation by staging over 340 accidents at pedestrian crossings over the past nine years.

Example videos of this happening (rather shocking video):

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