10 ways to improve your Dyson Vacuum (applies to V11, V12, V15 and Gen5Detect)

10 ways to improve your Dyson Vacuum (applies to V11, V12, V15 and Gen5Detect)

In 2023 we purchased a Dyson V15, it’s been great apart from a few temporary blockages and the lack of a couple of features, some of these turned into frustrations so we’ve now largely solved them by buying the following accessories:

These all apply to the V15 range, however, lots of these accessories will work with V11 (2019), V12 (2020), V15 (2021 onwards) and the Gen5Detect (2022+) but double check if you’re unsure, article contains affiliate links.

1) Trigger Lock

It’s rather insane to us the V15 (or any Dyson Cordless) doesn’t come with an ability to keep it turned on without holding the trigger, so by far the best little accessory to improve the function of your Dyson are these inexpensive clips, they’re a little fiddly to fit and keep on but they work fairly well and unlock the true potential of the Dyson

Buy here

2) Wall Attachments Holder

Rather oddly the wall mount only provides 2 spaces for attachments, so if you like a neat utility room, kitchen etc, then this 6 port Dyson accessory holder is for you, it fixes to the wall and provides 6 additional spaces for attachments to hang/store.

Buy here or if you prefer a free-standing version

3) Hair Screw

This is originally designed to remove pet hair from bedding etc, and it does a great job of that but we find it superb on car mats and other carpets and rugs, this is one that’s a must have in our opinion.

Buy Hair Screw Currys | Buy Hair Screw Dyson

4) Adapter for older accessories

For those with older Dyson Vacuums (e.g. the DC59, V6, V7, V8 etc), the 968235 attachment, allows you to connect older attachments to your newer vacuum to save buying replacement ones.

Buy here

5) Pet Grooming Kit

If you have a dog that drops hair everywhere this brush attachment is a god send, it requires the above adapter (one is included) and we would recommend two people OR a trigger lock to allow you to easily do it.

Buy here

6) Scratch-free dusting brush

This is ideal for delicate surfaces (e.g. car interiors, keyboards etc)

Buy detailing kit (includes this brush) from Currys or unofficial copy from Amazon

7) Upgraded HEPA Filter

Ours came with the HEPA filter but we’ve seen people upgrade the device by buying the uprated replacement HEPTA filters

Buy HEPA Filter

8) Fluffy Laser Head

This comes as standard on the newer/top tier Dyson vacuums but if you don’t have one the laser light really helps with seeing where you’ve missed, it’s amazing how small pieces of dust/dirt are illuminated so well!

Search eBay for Fluffy Laser Head | Buy from Dyson

9) LED Crevice tool

At this point we’re starting to struggle to hit 10 accessories, we’ve only used this a handful of times but it’s a nice one to have, it might have more uses for others but we’ve found it not that useful on the day to day.

Buy a copy from Amazon

10) Learn the limitations and how to properly clean it

We have a young child who throws food constantly, we found wet, sticky or similar foodstuffs clogged up the Dyson and made all of the attachments dirty and stick, we learned our lesson so doing the same for you likely will save you time with cleaning etc. There are many useful guides on YouTube showing how to properly clean, maintain or fix your Dyson, well worth doing that to ensure your device works for many more years to come!

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