Why are engagement rings a scam (video) + how to improve your value for money

Sorry gents but it seems the 2 months worth of salary you’ve just spent on a shiny diamond ring was a total rip off. Ah well better luck next time 😉

“It’s one of those “social norms” that are completely stupid and illogical but if you don’t participate then everyone, including friends and family, will judge you for it. They’ll call you a “cheapie” behind your back simply for being smarter with your money than they are. ” – Chris Payne (Youtube)

Aj8Zz7DBut more importantly do we have any alternatives?

You should know your partner well enough to realise how important a shiny diamond will be to them, if you know that is something they would really love then go for it. Alternatively buy a ring that isn’t necessarily diamond but is special and doesn’t break your wallet.

Where should I buy a Diamond Ring?

Try custom jewellers and compare their prices, for instance we purchased a Diamond ring from Quality Diamonds & saved around 50% compared with the high-street, so we were able to buy a much better ring for the same price. Obviously, always always always compare different companies before buying but remember buying it with your partner (the person who will be wearing it) can be a costly experience as you will not want to show yourself being ‘stingy’ and asking for other smaller rings and the companies know that so will show you the better rings first!

What else should I know?

Try and find out what he/she likes, making it a complete surprise obviously is best but we all know some people can be fussy difficult to buy for so you may want to buy it together or simply ask what sort of rings they like.




What about sizes?


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