How to get Harry Potter and the cursed child part 1 + 2 tickets for £20 each (normally £100+)

How to get Harry Potter and the cursed child part 1 + 2 tickets for £20 each (normally £100+)
  • On Friday 4th August at 3.30pm
  • Go to this link
  • Enter the virtual waiting room
  • At 4pm 400 tickets will be released for the 1st September 2017 showing

We’re celebrating 19 YEARS LATER on 1st September 2017

The 1st of September is the day students head off to Hogwarts, and this year it’s 19 Years Later – the actual date that the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends and our play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, begins.

To mark this date, we’re celebrating with an exclusive one-off FRIDAY 400! After the regular Friday Forty on Friday 4th August, at 4pm we’re releasing 400 tickets priced at £40 (£20 per part) for the performances of Parts One and Two on Friday the 1st September 2017.

How to get the chance to purchase tickets

To enter the FRIDAY 400 please visit THIS PAGE

on Friday 4th August. Tickets will be released when the countdown reaches zero at 4pm.

From 3.30pm BST you will be able to click on the button below, where you will enter a virtual waiting room until tickets become available to buy from 4pm. At 4pm, customers in the waiting room will be selected at random for the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 2 tickets for both Parts One and Two.

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