Amazon will stop accepting VISA Credit Cards from 19th Jan 2022 – Why? What options do I have?

Amazon will stop accepting VISA Credit Cards from 19th Jan 2022 – Why? What options do I have?

Amazon UK emailed all customers in the UK with a Visa Credit Card on file to inform them that as of the 19th January 2022 they won’t be accepting this card type (VISA Debit is still fine) “due to the high fees Visa charges for processing credit card transactions.”

Why is this happening?

Amazon told Sky News:

“The cost of accepting card payments continues to be an obstacle for businesses striving to provide the best prices for customers.

These costs should be going down over time with technological advancements, but instead they continue to stay high or even rise.

As a result of Visa’s continued high cost of payments, we regret that will no longer accept UK-issued Visa credit cards as of 19 January, 2022.” 1

Visa had this to tell Bloomberg:

“We are very disappointed that Amazon is threatening to restrict consumer choice in the future. When consumer choice is limited, nobody wins, we have a long-standing relationship with Amazon, and we continue to work toward a resolution.” 2

How do I change my card on my Amazon Account?

Visit and then visit: Your Account > Your Payments > Wallet

What are my alternative options:

  • A Visa Debit Card
  • A Mastercard (debit or credit)
  • Amex
  • Eurocard

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