Asda Bans Black Friday! Since 2014 arrests, fights & chaos!

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As we reported back at the beginning of October Asda are not to take part in Black Friday this year.

A traditional massive shopping day in the US the kicks off the Christmas shopping period, it’s the Friday after thanksgiving in the US however the tradition just like Halloween has slowly crept over to the UK.

With some decent deals and some rather average deals, it’s ideal for businesses as they can create a massive amount of hype, free press coverage and tons of customers who are rushing to get a deal (regardless of if the products are A) actually any good or B) actually a good price.

What actually happened last year?

More Black Friday Fights / Idiots etc

Forget about Black Friday and check out the Cyber Monday DEALS on ➡ ⬅Video: Assault, Guy standing on TVs, woman crying after being pushed over, stores being shut down by Police.

Posted by Black Friday Idiots on Thursday, 27 November 2014

Black Friday Fights / Idiots etc

Black Friday Idiots - Share your videos now!

Posted by Black Friday Idiots on Thursday, 27 November 2014


What do Asda have to say about it?

“The decision to step away from Black Friday is not about the event itself,” said Asda’s chief executive Andy Clarke.
“Over the last two years we’ve developed an organised, well-executed plan, but this year customers have told us loud and clear that they don’t want to be held hostage to a day or two of sales.”

Supposedly Asda are going to invest £26m in savings across the christmas shopping period, however with others reporting that last year was the biggest day/week of sales all year we can’t imagine everyone will follow them..

Our advice:

  • Write a list of items that you want to get at a decent price
  • Compare prices online NOW so you know what is actually a good price
  • Compare prices on (when we post them)
  • Wait until after Christmas, you might find the price dropping then…
  • Always think twice before buying ANYTHING!


What did you think of Black Friday 2014?

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