Wave goodbye to £1 stores, here comes a new 25p (soon to be 50p) store!

Wave goodbye to £1 stores, here comes a new 25p (soon to be 50p) store!

Easyjet famous for cheap no thrills flights have opened up a ’50p’ store (with all items costing 25p for the month of February & then rising to on average 50p)

Luke Tugby & Bryan Roberts went to take a look around and with current prices it seems like plenty of bargains around, with some shoppers grabbing 108 items (£27 spend)

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (owner of Easyjet) is hoping to rival Aldi and Lidl but it will depend on the success of this concept store.

Stelios said:

This is another way the “easy” brand can serve the less well-off.
Given my experience in distributing food for free in Greece and Cyprus, this is a more commercial attempt to sell basic food for 25p per item to those less well-off in the Park Royal, London area.
The store motto is ‘No expensive brands, just food honestly priced’.


The full list of products:

TeaChicken Pizza
Ground CoffeeBombay Mix
Chicken CurryNoodle Snack Curry
SugarVegetable Oil
Pasta Mushroom SauceTomato Soup
Chick PeasRed Kidney Beans
Sardines and SauceVegetable Soup
Cream CrackersEnergy Drink
Pasta SauceSalt & Vinegar Sticks
FlourChicken Soup
Tomato KetchupOrange Juice
Variety Pack CerealMushrooms
PotatoesRice Long Grain
Jaffa CakesLemonade
Fruit PastillesWine gums
Sardines in OilFusili Twists
Strawberry JamCarrots
Prawn CrackerHazelnut Chocolate
Onion RingsPenne Pasta
Peach SlicesChoc-Chip Cookies
Mixed VegetablesPitta bread
Brown SauceTable Salt
Cut Green BeansChilli con carne
American FriesFairy cakes
Mini Cheese ThinsJelly Babies
Garden PeasTomato Puree
Pineapple PiecesMini Shortbread
Salted PopcornSweet Corn
Chopped TomatoesApple Juice
Spaghetti HoopsGinger Nuts
Nice BiscuitsButton Mushrooms
Baked BeansPains
SpaghettiVariety Crisps
Milk ChocolateMayonnaise
Tuna FlakesShortbread
Ravioli PetitNoodle Snack

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