Some women in Japan pay 7,600 yen (£40) to have attractive men wipe away their tears!

Some women in Japan pay 7,600 yen (£40) to have attractive men wipe away their tears!

Japan is well known for being rather different to the Western world and this ‘career’ is more proof that people will buy anything if they’ve got the chance!

Ikemeso Danshi is the group that are offering the services of attractive men to visit women and wipe away their tears, yes really!

“Ikemeso Danshi” is short for “Ikemen de mesomeso naku dansei”, which we is supposedly translated to “good-looking men who cry”, but the men will also place their arm behind you on the wall (supposedly a seductive move known as kabe-don) and also gently rub your cheeks (face cheeks we hasten to add).

We’re not sure if this is a front for some strange seedy prostitution but from what we’ve seen it’s literally just a guy that comes over to your office (not home) and wipes your tears away, whilst you watch sad movies together!



Women can pick from the 6 men pictured above, each offering a slightly different kind of experience. There seems to be a “bad boy”, a dentist, an intellectual mean, and some other rather dashing looking men…

Would you like someone to wipe away your tears?

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