Fancy yourself as the party king? Want to impress someone? How to make an Ice Sphere cocktail

Fancy yourself as the party king? Want to impress someone? How to make an Ice Sphere cocktail

You would easily pay £10-£20 for this cocktail if you were out drinking in a posh bar but Youtuber Cocktail Chemistry shows you how to do it for about double that price (including the prices of the equipment) but as we all know the more you do it the cheaper it will become and by the 3rd cocktail you won’t care how much it cost you!

Basically, you make some ice spheres using a mould, but only freeze it enough to freeze the outside of the ball, stick a hole in the top and remove the water from inside, then replace the water with a cocktail.

Serve immediately with a cocky grin on your face and everyone will love you again, pull out your little hammer and smash the life out of the ball! Voilà, you’re done!

You will need the following:

  1. Seasoning injector – £9 (
  2. Funnel – £2 (
  3. Sphere ice mold – £8.75 (
  4. Little hammer – £4 (
  5. Soldering iron – £8+ (

*Only use new & unleaded soldering tips and/or cover the tip with tin foil for further protection*

Then watch:

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