10 secret ways to massively improve the taste of your food (on the cheap)

10 secret ways to massively improve the taste of your food (on the cheap)
  • Adding vinegar or citrus juice to a dish will bring out flavours and balance the richness of dishes. – It’s there as an accent. Next time you make chilli, taste it first, then add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of cider vinegar and taste it again – it will be better and brighter. [s]
  • Fresh Herbs, grab yourself a few of those plants from the supermarkets and keep them in the fridge
  • Nandos Medium Sauce – Literally pour this on 50% of my meals – just be careful if you struggle with heat


  • Meat Rubs like the ones on Muscle Food – These added to even the most boring of dishes
  • Coconut Oil – so many uses from simply on toast, over popcorn, replace with anything that uses veg oil, add to hot chocolate, add on anything savoury or sweet
  • Garlic Paste – Cut the top off a WHOLE garlic bulb, leave the majority of the skin on and drizzle with olive oil, roast for 25-30mins (180c) until inside turns into a paste and is soft to the touch (use a knife not your finger to check) –  squeeze the paste out and freeze (for use in all sorts of dishes) or better still spread on to bread and eat the whole bulb!
  • Dark chocolate & Chilli in anything with beef in


  • Apple cider vinegar in pulled pork bbq. See our Coca-Cola recipe
  • A little bit of sugar when pan frying onions, helps them caramelise!
  • Marmite, Guinness, Half a bottle of red wine &/or Worcester Sauce in any stew


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