Ikea have been naughty! Selling ‘leather’ chairs made out of plastic!

Ikea have been naughty! Selling ‘leather’ chairs made out of plastic!

IKEA in the UK & Australia have been caught selling chairs on the leather section of their website that are actually made from 75% polyester, cotton and polyurethane.

Consumer groups in Australia first noticed the trick but similar groups in the UK have spotted the same ‘mistake’ over here,

EKERÖ armchairs were featured in the leather armchairs sections whilst the Kivik, a two-seater chaise with ‘contact areas’ was featured in the leather sofas sections.

It seems that the ‘errors’ / ‘tricks’ have now been changed so hopefully just an honest mistake and not a company trying to hide information from consumers.

The previous listing



They seem to have now updated the listingekero


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