10 ways Lottery Winners ruined it for themselves

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  1. carroll

    Michael Carrol lost all of his £9.7 million and ended up working in a biscuit factory

    Michael Carrol, a former binman won £9,736,131 (2002). After buying tons of cars, smashing them in his own Destruction Derby, buying huge quantities of drugs and alcohol, had visits by up to 4 prostitutes a day and even hadtwo two spells in prison, ended up working in a biscuit factory for just £204 a week.

  2. Americo Lopes, a builder in New Jersey, ran a syndicate on the MegaMillions Lottery with his colleagues, he found out one ticket had one $38.5 Million, instead of splitting it with the others he quit his job and went on job allowance… the news published a story about his win and sure enough his ex-syndicate members realised what had happened and took him to court and won!
  3. Thomas Rossi, was married for 26 years to his wife, she then divorced him but forgot to mention she had just won $1.3 million 11 days before. 2 years later Thomas received a wrongly addressed letter to him about his ex-wife’s winning, he took her to court and the judge gave it all to him due to her not disclosing it.
  4. ian

    Ian Galtress lost his £1,000,000 winning ticket

    Ian Galtress, an engineer from the Wirral (UK) played with the same numbers every week (5, 15, 22, 31, 47. His lucky stars were 1 and 6.), he won £1,000,000, however, lost his ticket and didn’t try and claim the lost ticket within the 30 days needed, so lost it all.

  5. Jose Antonio Cua-Toc, won $750,000 however he was an illegal immigrant in the US, he asked his boss Erick Cervantes to cash it for him. Cervantes then claimed the ticket was his and kept all the money. Cua-Toc took him to court and after a long battle won his case but then was quickly deported!


  1. Evelyn Adams, won the New Jersey lottery twice in 4 months in the 1980s, she then moved to Atlantic City and gambled the $5.4million away.
  2. Christina Goodenow from Oregon USA, won $1,000,000 in the lottery, however, it turned out she purchased the lottery ticket (along with $12,000 other items) using her mother-in-law’s credit card, pretty bad but made worse by the fact she was a dead mother-in-law!
  3. roger

    Roger & Lara Griffiths lost their £1.8 million and ended up divorced with £7 in their account

    Roger & Lara Griffiths won £1.8 million, they purchased an £800,000 house, he released a £25,000 music single (which flopped, selling only 600 copies), they purchased a salon and later sold it losing £70,000, supposedly Roger had re-mortgaged the house for cash (without telling Lara) & one of their houses burnt down in a fire. They then divorced with Roger only having £7 in his account.

  4. John Ross JR, won $2 million and told everyone he was going to buy a car, instead, he was caught stealing a car and went to prison!
  5. Two anonymous brothers won $75,000 in Kansas, to celebrate they purchased loads of weed and crystal meth and threw a party, it ended badly when their house exploded due to the drug paraphernalia. The drugs were fine after the explosion but they were quickly arrested for possession!
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