Guy pays $212 in speeding fine with pennies, 22,000 pennies – Idiot or genius?

Guy pays $212 in speeding fine with pennies, 22,000 pennies – Idiot or genius?

Brett Sanders is a perfect American, he loves carrying a gun and paying speeding fines late but this time, he went one step further and paid the late fine in pennies (coins).

“I was on my residential street when I got a ticket for going nine miles over the speed limit,”

“I thought it was unfair. I did not injure anyone, and I did not endanger anyone.”

“Not only am I [ticked] off about this ticket and paying with pennies to clog up the system, but I also want to protest the whole racket,”

Spokeswoman Dana Baird from The City of Frisco, Texas said the coins were counted using two machines and took staff around 3 hours to count.

“Sanders’ original fine was $79.90 and court costs were $132.10 for a total of $212.00”

“There was an overpayment of $7.81,” she said.

It is rumoured that Sanders told the city they could keep the change.

The full video:

The funny thing is:

That video has over 3 million views (as of 23rd June 2016) meaning if ads were switched on from the beginning he would be looking at $3000-$6000 in ad revenue.


Was paying $212 in pennies a dick move or a genius move?

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