I Rented My Porsche Out, it came back with $2,642 in damage, here is the story and the mistakes I made

I Rented My Porsche Out, it came back with $2,642 in damage, here is the story and the mistakes I made

Turo is an AirBnb for cars, you can borrow other peoples cars instead of going with an old-school rental company, the beauty of this system is that you can rent out some rather nice cars for a fairly low price (compared with going with the big boys). It also is pretty good for anyone that doesn’t need their car 100% of the time and wants to earn a side income.

Turo takes 10%-35% of the income generated depending on the amount of insurance cover you / the driver requires and basically “Turo will provide physical damage protection that provides coverage up to the actual cash value of the car”.

Mechonomist on YouTube tells the story of how he rented his 2007 Porsche Cayman out to paying users, it didn’t go as planned but overall not that bad.

Want to try Turo? Get $25 of free credit here (works in the UK as well)

The lessons he learnt:

  • Always vet all customers (check reviews)
  • Always check the driving licence before allowing them to drive off
  • Don’t focus on the cash flow
  • Only taking opportunities where the risk is manageable
  • Don’t be an idiot
  • Know what you’re getting into before signing up

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Important things to remember with everything we post:

  • If you earn over your personal allowance (currently £12,570 a year) HMRC need to get their % cut (even if the money is in cash or from another country)
  • If you’re working for yourself / earning an income on the side you need to let HMRC know – There are numerous benefits but also some drawbacks
  • You need to always ensure whatever you’re doing is legal and not hurting anyone else – be careful and always think twice
  • Some income streams may require you to have DBS check, licence, insurance or qualifications before you can start to profit from it, do your research.
  • Be careful that any additional income doesn’t compromise your studies or main income/job
  • If you work for a company check your contract, if you don’t inform them you’re working on other side projects outside of work they may have grounds to ownership on this work

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