10 ways to improve your body language to increase your chances of landing that dream job, gaining a promotion or securing a sale

10 ways to improve your body language to increase your chances of landing that dream job, gaining a promotion or securing a sale

60-90% of our communication is non-verbal however millions of people don’t think about this for interviews, meetings, presentations etc.

If you sell for a living then these tips can also really help you financially

Here are a few ways to improve your body language to improve your credibility:

  • Align your body with the person you’re talking with
  • A straight back, relaxed shoulders and a slight lean towards the person
  • Arms never crossed (it subconsciously shows you’re hugging yourself for support)
  • Use your hands to gesture when you speak, it improves your credibility
  • A firm dry handshake, if you suffer from sweaty/clammy hands ensure you relax/pat dry

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  • A gentle nod when the other person is speaking shows you’re listening (ensure you’re actually listening)
  • Eye contact when speaking and listening but ensure you pause this when thinking of your next answer otherwise it can be creepy
  • Slow your speech down by half – especially when we’re nervous we all speed up our speech. Keep reminding yourself (in your head) to slow it down. Take deeper breaths than normal to help slow this process.
  • Act on others body language – if you sense they’re wanting to finish the meeting etc then act on that
  • Taking notes during meetings will show you’re serious & engaged however it’s extremely important that you make as much eye contact as possible between writing
  • One more for luck > Watch your ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ – these are EXTREMELY off putting, especially for someone doing interviews



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