Monday Club at Wetherspooons Returns! = £1.49-£2.99 pints!

Monday Club at Wetherspooons Returns! = £1.49-£2.99 pints!

Raise your glasses, folks! Wetherspoons’ beloved Monday Club is back, and they’re kicking off the week with some incredible drink deals.

If the Monday blues are getting you down, Wetherspoons has just the cure: unbeatable drink bargains at their 900 pubs nationwide, every Monday (excluding bank holidays).

Wetherspoons fans are buzzing with excitement about the return of Monday Club. After its absence in recent years, the news has been met with cheers and smiles. Back in 2019, many were disappointed when the deal vanished just before Christmas.

Now, with Monday Club making a triumphant comeback, you can grab a pint of Ruddles or Worthington’s for just £1.49, with guest ales starting at £1.99.

Fancy something different? Shipyard and Strongbow pints are £2.25, Budweiser is £2.69, and Guinness is a steal at £2.99.

Spirits more your thing? Smirnoff raspberry and Gordon’s pink gin, among others, are just £1.99, mixer included. Plus, you can snag two cocktail pitchers for £13.25 and soft drinks from £1.65.

Wetherspoons has confirmed that the Monday Club deals are here to stay and it’s important to realise prices might vary slightly from pub to pub.

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Here’s the lineup of Monday Club deals at Wetherspoons:

  • Ruddles or Worthingtons: £1.49
  • Abbot Ale: £2.25
  • Shipyard or Strongbow: £2.25
  • Coors or Carling: £2.49
  • Budweiser: £2.69
  • Guinness: £2.99
  • Au Vodka (various flavors): £1.99 with mixer
  • Sidemen Vodka (various flavors): £1.99 with mixer
  • Smirnoff Raspberry: £1.99 with mixer
  • Gordon’s Pink Gin: £1.99 with mixer
  • Jack Daniel’s Apple: £1.99 with mixer
  • Captain Morgan’s Tiki: £1.99 with mixer
  • Disaronno: £1.99 with mixer
  • Bumbu Rum: £2.85 with mixer
  • Jack Daniel’s: £2.85 with mixer
  • Kraken Rum: £2.85 with mixer
  • Any Two Cocktail Pitchers: £13.25
  • Pepsi (Max, Max Cherry, Diet): £1.65
  • R Whites Lemonade: £1.65
  • Monster (all varieties): £1.65
  • Brecon Carreg Water (still, sparkling): £1.29

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