Domino’s Pizza have officially lost the plot… or have they?

Domino’s Pizza have officially lost the plot… or have they?

This physical button, inside a cute little pizza box, once pressed will order your favourite Domino’s Pizza to your door.

The whole point of this button and presumably the reason for all the marketing and ‘sponsored’ newspaper articles around it, is because they’ve also launched an ‘easy order‘ option on their website, which is very similar to Amazon’s One-Click, enabling users to click a button and have their favourite pizza ordered, paid for and delivered without doing anything else. Presumably Domino’s are hoping this new physical button will get the same media response that Amazon US got with their Dash Button, a similar product that once clicked automatically orders your favourite brand of liquid detergent, energy drink, paper towels etc to your home (see photo).

If you want a Domino’s button then you’ve basically got to win one of their competitions (most likely on Twitter/FB) or be so popular that they want to give you one due the publicity, if neither of those are true then wave goodbye to 1 press pizza ordering (probably a good thing for your waste line and bank balance).

If you want to ‘play’ with Domino’s New ‘easy order’ feature it’s now live on their website.

THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED BY DOMINO’S although if they wish to send us free pizza, we will not stop them 😉


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