Warning: This will annoy you – 10 spoilt rich kids

Warning: This will annoy you – 10 spoilt rich kids

At least someone told her! Now clean your room, Marlena. (Source)

I got an Apple and a box of paints.... [Source]

I got an Apple and a box of paints…. [Source]

Be my friend. I will get you free stuff! OK.

Be my friend. I will get you free stuff! OK.


Why can’t parents just understand their kids. We don’t want to be taken to awesome places.


“My parents bought me a new face! How does it look?”


Why can’t adults just understand their kids needs and get that info into their thick skulls.


Those pesky maids getting in the way the whole time [Source]

Muhammed Nisham's Son: 9 year old Ferrari driver His dad was arrested for letting him drive, but any 9 year old behind the wheels of a Ferrari incites a little bit of jealousy and a whole lot of hate. He's also the son of Muhammed Nisham, a prick if there ever was one.

Muhammed Nisham’s Son: 9-year-old Ferrari driver, his Dad was later arrested for the ‘stunt’


Param Sharma: Another ‘Rich kids of Instagram’ kids, often calling anyone that isn’t rich or can’t afford certain things peasants and constantly uploading pictures of his excessive money and power.


*bangs head against wall*

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