10 ways to make your salad last longer (7-10 days max)

10 ways to make your salad last longer (7-10 days max)
  • Place a paper towel over a sealed bowl of salad, replace towel when it becomes damp/wet
  • Use a salad spinner to remove as much water as possible
  • Put your salad into a sealed plastic bag, then blow ‘air’ into it. The carbon dioxide in your breath slows the natural aging process of the greens however you might want to check with the people you live with first if you share salad!
  • Wrap the salad in paper towels, clean cloths or even bath towels (yes amazingly some people do this)
  • Grow your own or regrow your own and cut off the bits you need when you need them
  • Place salad in a sealed bag with a paper towel, replace towel when it becomes damp/wet
  • Place salad in a sealed box with a paper towel, replace towel when it becomes damp/wet – the box will stop the salad being damaged in the fridge by other items
  • Airflow increases the wilting process so keep your salad leaves closed in some sort of container
  • Actually eat it – if you prepare & divide multiple salads ready for your week then you will actually use it
  • When taking salad out of a packet, container etc ensure you toss the salad and remove any dodgy looking leaves

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