10 ways to maximise your ‘all you can eat buffet’ experience

10 ways to maximise your ‘all you can eat buffet’ experience
  1. Eat the expensive stuff first, don’t go and get a massive plate of rice, instead pick the meat, fish etc!
    Avoid: Carbs (pasta, bread, and rice etc) & avoid the fatty foods first (they will make you feel fuller quicker)
  2. Mix & Match your food
    This ensures you don’t get bored of the same food, it also ensures you try as much of the food as possible.
  3. Eat before you go! Not immediately but several hours before (e.g. a decent breakfast & average lunch)
    Starving yourself for the day will shrink your stomach otherwise!
  4. Drink enough liquid
    Don’t go crazy with pint after pint of beer but grab a jug of water for the table to aid digestion but ask for no ice!
    If possible, warm liquids will be best as your body doesn’t have to warm them up to body temperature.
    Avoid: Fizzy drinks & Ice
  5. Wear loose clothing – Sweat pants / Joggers are a must
    OK so you might look a bit rough but who cares, it’s 11:30am on a Tuesday and you’re queuing up to get prime seats at a Chinese buffet!
  6. Be a bit cheeky
  7. Try lunchtime to save more money
    Just remember often they will reduce the quality & variety of food on offer so be sure to compare to dinner times
  8. Do plenty of exercise 1-2 days before
    This will kickstart your metabolism allowing you to eat more + will make you feel less guilty that you’re planning on eating your weight in noodles
  9. Drop the kids at the pool
    If you don’t get that you’ve not lived – Urban dictionary.
  10. Pace yourself
    There is no harm in a 3-hour eating experience however you may get asked to leave.
    In fact in a recent Reddit post, one employee said “Dude came in for lunch buffet and ate a pretty good amount. Fell asleep in his booth for a few hours then ate buffet again for dinner.” [source]

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