Right. I’m moving to South Korea. Goodbye world.

Right. I’m moving to South Korea. Goodbye world.

Kim Sung-jin eats dinner like many young people in front of a TV or computer screen, however this chap (along with many others across South Korea) earns money from doing it.

And not just a few quid for pocket money he’s pulling in £1000 a day.

He doesn’t even have a niche product, it’s just whatever the guy fancies to eat that day:

  • Chinese takeaway
  • Pizza
  • Chicken
  • Noodles
  • Local food
  • Soups

He’s become a ‘national’ celebrity ‘People say hello to me on the street,’ Kim says. ‘I do what I want. That’s the perk of a personal broadcast.’

Just like YouTubers nobody will give a definite amount they earn from streaming/videoing themselves but Afreeca TV (the website that hosts it) said out of some 300,000 broadcasters who air their show at least once a month, the top 500 make more than someone would normally make by working full time.


The famous Patoo earns as much as £600 per ‘session’

In 2013, South Korea television network TV Chosun said the top Afreeca TV host earned more than £150,000 a year.

To see for yourself go to http://www.afreeca.tv/staffpicks/?pn=11


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