John Pye Auctions – Is it a scam? Is it legit? We reveal all

John Pye Auctions – Is it a scam? Is it legit? We reveal all

What is it?

John Pye Auctions are an auction company that has bases across the UK where they sell products that have come from liquidation, bankruptcy, ex-display & returns.

In the past, we’ve seen ex-stock from John Lewis, Maplins, Phones4U and other high street stores but anyone can sell products so be careful.

What do I need to watch out for?

  • VAT isn’t included and is 20%
  • John Pye add 20% fees to all prices
  • You MUST collect items personally or via courier
  • You can view items but normally only one day a week so check the listing carefully. It’s advisable to check all items prior to purchase.
  • It has been rumoured that some items are obvious product returns that shouldn’t be sold on but have done (the risk you take).
  • It has also been rumoured that staff increase bids against you

Can I make a profit?

You can but you can also make a total loss. This is risky.

How can it be this cheap?

  • They buy it cheap and hope to get as much money for it as possible, some sales simply don’t get the interest or people miss things.
  • Most items will come with no warranty.
  • You cannot return for a refund.
  • You must collect the items yourself or get a courier to collect. They do not offer delivery.

Remember to check their terms & conditions.

Have 10ways users used it before?

Yes here are a few quotes:

“Hey you posted about John Pye auctions the other day. Wanted to say thanks, I bought a £1000 cooker for £180, a £1300 bath tub for £90 and a £250 wine cooler for £30. Full transparency the cooker needed a good clean but is otherwise perfect and functional, the bath was like new and the wine cooler had a number of bumps and scrapes but it does the job and I’m happy with it for the money. All very handy as I’ve just got my first house”


I got a dfs sofa bed for £15! Exactly the same design as the set we had just paid £1000+ for

I bought a box of jewellery from them which was a box of costume jewellery
Only to find it was ex John Lewis display stock. Paid £80. And made over £1500 on the links of London jewellery that was in there.
Used them many times.

Example of a set of listings across the country

Urgh the secret is out!!

Brand new super king size headboard Rrp £350 I paid £24.

Coffee machine Rrp £430 I paid £124

Brand new coffee table rrp £340 I paid £22

Many more also but those are the best… Be careful some items are damaged or do not work so always go to the viewing before hand to check if possible!!! 🙂

Looks like good deals but you really need to do your researching for prices before hand and be prepared to get duff items ever now and then.

Have been going to John Pye for nearly 10 years all items are sold as scrap you must go view test if they let you beforehand.

Phones4u Liquidation stock in 2014

Took a risk on a Flymo 1200R last year, only needed a new adapter so £300 for a £700 robot mower.

Please don’t use this site if you’re not going to use it sensibly though. It’s not eBay, there’s no guarantee, and you pay 1.44x the price of what you bid. The amount of times I see stuff actually end up more expensive than the RRP is crazy.

I had to write a scraper and a better UI for it, mostly because their site is so utterly crap.

Are there alternatives out there?

  • WLC Auctions is another, rumoured to have been on Watchdog though
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