Wetherspoons launches a Real Ale Festival (30 ales) from £2.25 a pint!

Wetherspoons launches a Real Ale Festival (30 ales) from £2.25 a pint!

10 Cracking Reasons to Swing By Wetherspoon’s Real-Ale Festival This Autumn! 🍻 Wetherspoon’s real ale festival is set to take place from 11th to 22nd October.

  1. A Brew-tiful Collection: Fancy an autumn pint? Wetherspoon’s is rolling out a whopping 30 ales for their festival. That’s right, thirty!
  2. Hop Onboard with New Flavours: Out of those 30, a cool 25 ales are making their debut at Wetherspoon’s. Who doesn’t love being the first to try something new?
  3. International Affair: It’s not just the best of British. Five ales are jetting in from international brewers. Globetrotting without leaving the pub? Cheers to that!
  4. The Date Diaries: Block out Wednesday 11th to Sunday 22nd October in your calendars, mates! That’s 12 days of uninterrupted ale appreciation.
  5. From Across the Ponds: Curious about where our international guests hail from? We’re talking Canada, the USA, South Africa, and the lovely Czech Republic.

The beers available during the 12-day festival:

  • Purity Bunny Hop 3.4% ABV (Purity Brewery, Warwickshire)
  • Rudgate Vanilla Mild 3.6% (Rudgate Brewery, North Yorkshire)
  • Acorn 2 Decades 4.0% (Acorn Brewery, South Yorkshire)
  • Adnams Nut Brown 4.0% (Adnams Brewery, Suffolk)
  • Black Sheep Finisher 4.0% (Black Sheep Brewery, North Yorkshire)
  • Brewster’s Krafty Kiwi 4.0% (Brewster’s Brewery, Lincolnshire.)
  • Steel & Oak Easy Stout 4.0% (Steel & Oak Brewing, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Inveralmond Ossian Oatmeal Stout 4.1% (Inveralmond Brewery, Perthshire)
  • Hook Norton Autumn Ways 4.2% (Hook Norton Brewery, Oxfordshire)
  • Evan Evans Challenger 4.3% (Evan Evans Brewery, Carmarthenshire)
  • Maxim Slovenian Pale Ale 4.3% (Maxim Brewery, County Durham)
  • Batemans Combined Harvest 4.4% (Batemans Brewery, Lincolnshire)
  • Castle Rock Phoenix Tears 4.5% (Castle Rock Brewery, Nottinghamshire)
  • Harviestoun Broken Dial 4.5% (Harviestoun Brewery, Clackmannanshire)
  • Robinsons Fear Of The Dark 4.5% (Robinsons Brewery, Cheshire)
  • St Austell Average Joe! 4.5% (St Austell Brewery, Cornwall)
  • Zululand Zulu Blonde 4.5% (Zululand Brewery, Eshowe, South Africa)
  • Conwy Kashmir IPA 4.8% (Conwy Brewery, Conwy)
  • Salopian The Murmurings of a Lost Leviathan 4.8% (Salopian Brewery, Shropshire)
  • Shepherd Neame Cracklewick 4.8% (Shepherd Neame Brewery, Kent)
  • Yazoo Dos Perros 4.8% (Yazoo Brewing, Tennessee, USA)
  • Titanic Cherry Porter 4.9% (Titanic Brewery, Staffordshire)
  • Fyne Ales Quiet Shadows 5.0% (Fyne Ales, Argyll)
  • Hogs Back Ratfink & Ripsnorter 5.0% (Hogs Back Brewery, Surrey)
  • Joe’s Garage Bohemian Pale Ale 5.0% (Joe’s Garage Brewery, Plzeň, Czech Republic)
  • Lancaster Harlequin 5.0% (Lancaster Brewery, Lancashire)
  • Thornbridge Hubble 5.2% (Thornbridge Brewery, Derbyshire)
  • Elgood’s Warrior 5.5% (Elgood’s Brewery, Cambridgeshire)
  • New Realm Hoptropolis IPA 6.0% (New Realm Brewing, Georgia, USA)
  • Wychwood King Goblin 6.6% (Wychwood Brewery, Oxfordshire)
  1. All Are Welcome: Vegan or vegetarian? There’s a pint for you. Spotted the vegan brews that are also perfect for our veggie pals.
  2. Don’t Wheat About It: Gluten-free? Wetherspoon’s got you covered. They’ve really thought of everyone, haven’t they? Not sure about allergens? Fret not! All pubs are equipped with allergen information screens more into your mobile, give their app or website a gander for all the info.
  3. Prices? We here, you ask? Pricing will vary by Wetherspoons, will be £2.25 at 102 of its pubs, 424 pubs will be £2.45 and 135 will be £2.55 for a pint (check your local for pricing).
  4. Take a Taster’s Tour: Dive deep into the world of ales with handy tasting notes available for each beer. Whether you’re an ale aficionado or a newbie, there’s something to learn and savour. You can also ask for a small size/sample as well!
  5. Festival Fun at Your Fingertips: Can’t get enough of the festival vibe? There’s a digital magazine waiting for you on the Wetherspoon app and website, packed with details on the beers and behind-the-scenes festival goss.

Learn about all the beers

In conclusion, pull on your jumper, rally the squad, and make your way to Wetherspoon’s this October. With this array of ales and that unmistakable British autumn chill in the air, it’s the place to be. Cheers, folks! 🍺🍂

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