Learn how to read at 600 words per minute…

Learn how to read at 600 words per minute…

Let’s all try to read at 600 words per minute… sounds impossible right? Yeah we thought the same until we tried the Spritz app http://10ws.co/1outCiu – click the grey box to start.

So instead of traditional reading of left > right etc, the words flash on top of each other, enabling your eyes to stay still whilst your brain does what it’s designed to do (work hard).

How do I read my own content on Spritz?

Use Readsy

Doubling your reading speed = more spare time = potentially more money or just more time in the pub 😉

Have a play and let us know your thoughts. Please get kids involved, especially ones that find reading difficult etc.

↪ Is anyone Dyslexic or knows someone that is?
Please pass on this link http://10ws.co/1ouuKTh

↪ Got a kid aged 9-11? Or can you code/help out?
Please get them involved in http://10ws.co/1ouuWlr

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