How to use vouchers (printable & digital)

How to use vouchers (printable & digital)

We’ve all been given a voucher, some are useful but most are just a marketing ploy. But what if you combine vouchers with deals & glitches!

Why do companies do it?

Companies want new customers or they want to get old customers back with them. These vouchers normally are only valid for one occasion & normally come with certain criteria that shops/restaraunts need to follow (but sometimes forget/don’t).

Are vouchers actually worth using?

It depends on the company, as lots will give away vouchers for either cheap products & services or restrict them so much that you can end up paying full price if you get something wrong when ordering/buying.

What are the tricks to look out for with vouchers?

Vouchers can be amazing if you combine them with other promotions, for instance:

– Supermarket does a promotion on an item, was £1.75, now £1. Great, even better when you have a £1 voucher for the brand.

– Some vouchers can be used multiple times, but be careful using ones that are not supposed to be re-used. Fraud alert!

– You can now print vouchers off from the internet, saving you time and money!

Do companies still make money when I use a voucher?

Yes probably, even if it’s for a free item, its all about publicity these days.

Here is a short restaurant example:

a pizza restaurant gives away voucher for 50% off your bill, great!

But when you realise the meal you’re paying £6 for, actually costs only 70p to £1.50 to make, you might feel it’s less of a great deal.

Now obviously it costs the restaurant more than 70p to £1.50 to pay for staff, buildings, insurance, equipment etc & don’t get us wrong we all love going out with friends/family, having a good time and we don’t mind paying for it, but just remember these companies are here to make a profit out of you.

So what can I get?

Eating out vouchers

Lots of food vouchers are available including 2for1 & 50% off restaurants such as Prezzo, Brasserie Gerard, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays etc.

Supermarket vouchers

Vouchers for amounts off, normally 30p, 50p, £1 or £2

What are the alternatives?

Eating at home will be cheaper & making it from scratch will generally be even more cheaper + healthier.

Where do I get these vouchers?

Firstly below we list the best current vouchers, but then it’s up to you to search newspapers, magazines, leaflets, websites & social networks.

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